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Bin tippers

Specialist in manual handling

What is a bin tipper?

Bin tippers aid the manual handling process of lifting and tipping bins of all different sizes and weights. Bin tippers can be used across many different industries cutting costs, the risk of injury and the amount of staff time required to empty bins. You should consider a bin tipper in any industry where wheelie bins are being used to decrease the chance of any manual handling injuries.

Our Bin Tipper Ranges

We've put together a few of our best selling bin tippers

Megadumper bin tipper

Megadumper bin tipper

  • Effortlessly Empty Bins
  • Internal & External Use
  • 2m Max Lift Height
  • 1100L Max Bin Capacity

Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

  • 250kg Max Capacity
  • Safe, Fast & Reliable
  • No Maximum Height Limit
  • 1M Floor Space


Multi-tip bin tipper

Multi-tip bin tipper

  • Manual Bin Tipper
  • 150kg Maximum Capacity
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain


Exi-mt bin tipper

EXI-MT Bin Tipper

  • 65kg Lifter Capacity
  • Lightweight Construction
  • No Electronic Waste
  • Completely Recyclable


Benefits of having a bin tipper

Why should you get a bin tipper?

Bin tippers are cost-effective, reduce the risk of manual handling injuries, are low maintenance, weatherproof, can be used both internally and externally, and have a unique patented tipping action, lifting bins from their base, thus increasing the lifespan of your wheelie bins.

IEMA Qualified

Team of IEMA qualified experts with over 50 years experience.

ISO 14001

We help you obtain and maintain your ISO 14001 compliance

Industry specialists

We have over 35 years in the spill control industry


All our assessments are carried out to environmental agency guidelines

Industry specialists

Struggling to find the correct bin tipper to fit your requirements?

Spill craft have developed Site visits designed to aid you in selecting the correct manual handling equipment, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant. By conducting a site visit we can assess your situation and make sure you are using the correct equipment for your employees and work environment. We also make sure the equipment you use keeps you compliant with all relevant regulations.

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Check out the differences yourself

Spillcraft wheelie bin tippers vs leading competitors

Our patented bin lifters

  • Lifts from the base of the bin This increases the lifespan of your bins
  • Bin weight is kept within footprint of bin tipper No risk of the tipper falling over
  • No maximum lifting height Floor space requirements do not change regardless of the bin tipping height required
  • Portable Bin tippers can be easily moved from location to location
  • Lift any size bin Simpro bin lifters work with all bin sizes
  • Internal and external use
  • Additional Benefits No regular maintenance Additional guarding options Stainless steel food industry safe tippers


  • Lifts from the top of the bin Weakens the bin base with each lift
  • Bin weight falls outside the footprint of tipper High risk of the tipper falling over with larger weights
  • Maximum lifting heights Floor space changes considerably to accommodate different tipping heights
  • Fixed Location Tend to need a fixed location and cannot be moved
  • Lift a few bin sizes Only work with a limited range of bin sizes
  • Mostly external use

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Automotive Manufacturer

Friendly staff, good communication. Can be trusted to move safely through high-risk areas. Very safety-conscious staff who provide good communication; a pleasure to deal with.

Chemical manufacturer

The bespoke spill management solution that Spillcraft came up with was excellent, including the training they gave us; I’d have no hesitation in recommending them…

Aerospace Manufacturer

Dedicated team and an agile service

Our experience in the spill control industry allows us to provide you with the best and most efficient methods of spill management, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant.

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