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We are specialists in spill management with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We offer businesses spill control solutions to ensure you have the correct plans and procedures in place should a spill emergency occur.

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Specialist in spill management

What is a spill kit?

Spill control items and spill absorbents assist you in keeping your work environment and workers safe from any possible accident that results from drips, leaks, and spills. Spillcraft are a leading spill kit manufacturer in the UK and are able to to provide you with various emergency spill response kits to assist you in dealing with different types of emergency spills.

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Struggling to find the correct spill kit to fit your requirements?

Spillcraft have developed Site visits designed to aid you in selecting the correct spill management equipment, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant. By conducting a site visit we can assess your situation and make sure you are using the correct equipment for your liquids and environment. We also make sure the equipment you use keeps you compliant with all relevant regulations.

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Specialists in spill management

What are the benefits to having a spill kit?

  • Effective Value: Here at Spillcraft, we are ready to provide you with spill control kits made up of quality and tested absorbent materials that can absorb different types of chemicals effectively
  • Ability to contain the problem: Our wide range of chemical absorbent materials including chemical absorbent socks can reduce the spread of leaked chemicals.
  • Environmental protection: We will help you to choose a¬†spill containment kit to clean up a wide range of chemical products including alkalis and acids, preventing further environmental hazards.

IEMA Qualified

Team of IEMA qualified experts with over 50 years experience.

ISO 14001

We help you obtain and maintain your ISO 14001 compliance

Industry specialists

We have over 35 years in the spill control industry


All our assessments are carried out to environmental agency guidelines

Dedicated team and an agile service

Our experience in the spill control industry allows us to provide you with the best and most efficient methods of spill management, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant.

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    Are your staff trained to deal with a spill incident?

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    We offer a range of training courses designed to improve your response to incidents and emergencies. From basic, intermediate and advanced spill response training, to bespoke sessions, tailored to your business, with a spill simulation.

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    Why should you choose Spillcraft?

    Spillcraft is one of the leading spill kit suppliers in the UK. We work with the leading spill control equipment manufacturers in the UK to provide you with various emergency response spill kits that can handle different types of emergency spills. Spillcraft has a highly-skilled and competent team of experts to help you identify the types of liquids commonly utilised in your facility and help you to choose the ideal spill control products.

    Our site looks so much better. We are more than happy with the service you are providing, in fact, it’s been exceptional!

    Automotive Manufacturer

    Friendly staff, good communication. Can be trusted to move safely through high-risk areas. Very safety-conscious staff who provide good communication; a pleasure to deal with.

    Chemical manufacturer

    The bespoke spill management solution that Spillcraft came up with was excellent, including the training they gave us; I’d have no hesitation in recommending them…

    Aerospace Manufacturer

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