Chemical Spill Kits

Emergency Chemical Spill Kit

What is a Chemical Spill Kit?

Chemical Spill Kits assist you in keeping your work environment and employees safe. Here at Spill Craft we have a team of experts who can help you choose a Spill Kit that suits the unique needs or your workers and facility.

Why choose Spill Craft?

As one of the leading spill kit suppliers in the UK, Spill craft has hired many of the top talents in the field to provide sophisticated chemical control equipment to many commercial and industrial sites. We also offer a range of spill training courses to ensure you and your team are prepared for any possible incidents.

Benefits of having a Spill Kit?

  • Effective Value: We can provide you with chemical spill kits made of high quality, tested material that can effectively absorb chemicals.
  • Containment: Our chemical absorbents  can quickly reduce the spread of leaked chemicals and substances, giving you the ability to contain the situation before it causes major inconvenciences.
  • Environmental protection: Spill containment kits allow you to easily contain a wide range of chemical substances, preventing further environmental damage and hazards.

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small chemical spill kit
  • Contain & absorb spills
  • Extremely versatile
  • Reliable solution

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wheeled chemical spill kit
  • Absorbs up to 360 Litres
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labelling available

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large chemical spill kit
  • Absorbs up to 500 Litres
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labelling available

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Big chemical spill kit
  • Absorbs up to 1100 Litres
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labelling available

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What should you consider when buying a chemical spill kit?

Will you need a container?

Consider whether your chemical spill kit will be stored outside or indoors. The containers housing your spill kit should suit the local conditions. The container should also suit the size of your chemical containment kit. A case in point is buckets and bucket spill kits are ideal for spills of small volumes but mobile containers or drums suit larger-volume spills.

What types of liquids will you be absorbing?

Always take the time to identify the expected spillage in your commercial or industrial facility. General Purpose Kits or Universal Kits are recommended for facilities handling hydro-carbon or water-based but non-hazardous liquids such as antifreeze, solvents, and coolants. The two types of chemical spill kits are grey in colour. Oil-only spill kits are recommended for facilities that handle hydrocarbons including gasoline or oil.
Such chemical spill clean up kits make cleaning easier because they incorporate chemical absorbent materials that easily repel water making cleanup quick and efficient. You can choose Hazmat Kits if working with different hazardous liquids. Our team of experts recommends Hazmat Kits for cleaning up aggressive liquids such as solvents and acids. You can also use Hazmat Kits for absorbing various hydrocarbons and water-based fluids.

Chemical storage caution sign
chemical absorbent

How to maximise your Spill Control Kit for Chemicals

Your chemical spill kit should be located in strategic areas that often have hazardous materials in use. Experts recommend that you need to consolidate the spill control materials and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in one area. Always choose the PPE depending on the anticipated hazardous materials. Ensure that each spill kit suits the special needs of all work areas. Always store your chemical absorbent solutions in areas that are easily accessible when a spill happens.

The users of these hazardous materials should also suggest the most convenient place to locate the chemical spill control kit. Additionally, they also need to have some knowledge in using the chemical absorbent and response materials included in the spill kit. Some of the cleanup materials and tools to be included in the spill kit include tongs, forceps, shovel, dustpan and plastic scoop.

Here at Spill Craft, we provide different types of chemical absorbent materials like loose absorbents, spill socks, pillows and spill pads. Some of the recommended PPE include disposable lab coats, rubber or plastic shoe covers, chemical-resistant gloves, and chemical splash goggles. The containers used to hold the chemical spill kits need to be chemical-resistant and the lid should be sealable.


We offer a range of training courses designed to improve your response to incidents and emergencies. From basic, intermediate and professional spill response training, to bespoke sessions with a spill simulation.

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