A computer saved my employee’s life

A forklift truck manoeuvres about a warehouse, travelling through aisles of catalogued products shelved ceiling high. Stopping at its destination, a three-point turn precedes a mechanical whir as the steel forks ascend. The load is acquired and begins its descent, absent-minded to the fact that this particular load is too heavy. The truck buckles and begins to tip. Forward it goes as the weight brings the vehicle to its knees. Pallets collide and crash to the ground. A last-ditch attempt sees the employee desperate to vacate the truck. Pallets continue to rain. The employee is crushed.

This is a simulation, and no one was harmed. This employee is entitled to a second chance without any consequences, which is not something that every employee injured at work pronounce. Simulation training is something that is forever relevant in lines of high-risk employment. It goes without saying that simulating a scenario for the purpose of keeping an inexperienced trainee safe is a must-do for various industries.

Simulation training has been prominent in the aviation sector to train new pilots to fly. Generous investment is granted to ensure that these simulation systems are as accurate and close to reality as possible. These systems are starting to appear in all sectors from industrial to medical, because after all, who would want an inexperienced surgeon rummaging around their internal organs?

With so much investment in a simulated reality, isn’t it about time that more companies embrace this new platform and keep their workers safe from harm?

Now, it isn’t just vehicular training that provides a high risk of injury. The manual handling of products and operation of unfamiliar equipment can lead to incidents in the workplace. Equipped with this knowledge, S-Craft has worked towards increasing our knowledge of both health and safety mitigation and intelligent technologies that can aid in the operation and maintenance of products that we deploy.

S-Craft’s aim is to provide a solution that can deliver at any time, anyplace digital catalogue of know-how to reduce the risk of injury. As we work towards our goal of delivering this new age service, ask yourself how your workplace integrates modern technologies to ensure the welfare of its employees.