DumpMaster Bin Tipper Revolutionising Work Environments

S-craft is dedicated to bringing solutions and supporting businesses in becoming safer and more efficient, across a wide range of industries. It’s recently come to our attention that the HSE will be carrying out visits to food firms (some unannounced) in the wake of stricter guidelines, in attempts to decrease the number of musculoskeletal disorders workers are experiencing due to unsafe manual handling methods. Chelbury mushroom farm is one of our most recent clients, who have chosen to share their story of how the DumpMaster Bin Tipper revolutionised their workplace into a more risk-free and productive environment.

The DumpMaster Bin Tipper empties any kind of bin at any height, with a unique electro-hydraulic mechanism that can lift and tip more than 250 kg. The DumpMaster is the safest, fastest and most reliable bin tipper on the market, and has been continuously improved
over more than thirty years.

Prior to the introduction of the DumpMaster Bin Tipper, workers at the Chelbury Mushroom Farm were having to manually tip 120-litre wheelie bins into a tipping skip. Two team members were needed to support the weight of bins which led to high risk of injury and low-level efficiency.

Now, the possibility of injury is all but impossible, just one member of staff is required to tip the now 240-litre bins they’re able to use, which is double the weight of mushrooms they were tipping previously. Chelbury mushroom farm particularly admired the fact that the Dumpmaster is battery powered, allowing for multiple different tipping locations in and around the site.

On one occasion the Dumpmaster became out of order (due admittedly to their own actions) and this was when employees truly recognised the impressive contribution it had given to overall site efficiency.

“The method in which we tipped our wheelie bins on site had always been in the back of my mind. I knew that there was a high risk of injury and the entire processes efficiency was being negatively affected.”

“My initial idea to solve the problem was along the lines of how a bin lorry tips its wheelie bins. I set out to find a smaller alternative application via the internet. Having found S-Craft Workplace Equipment immediately from my search I looked into their Bin Tipper range. The information provided to me via their website answered a great deal of my questions. From this, it led me to inquire about the DumpMaster Bin Tipper.”