Understanding the importance of waste in 2017

So if someone were to try and start up a conversation on the topic of waste with you, how would you react? Excited, interested to discuss the topic further, or plain right bored out of your mind.

Now at first, I would probably agree with the majority of you. Waste in any shape or form is something that we just don’t want to get involved in. Let’s face it; the magnitude of smells and horrible concoctions that are produced by it could put anyone off their lunch.

However, let me not waste your time anymore. See what I did there. I know I am hilarious. Waste is something we all have to be aware of in 2017. It may not be the most glamorous topic to talk about and most certainly not something you want to hang out with all day, but it is important to understand how best to handle it.

Here‘s a fun fact for you; every single human being on this planet each day contributes to producing waste. Let me tell you, I know I had a curry last night. Jokes aside, just think of your weekly waste footprint and then times it by the number of people on your street, a lot right.

I personally think we need to thank these organisations and the people within them that manage this vast array of waste. A waste handling process is no mean feat you know.

As I am sure you are aware the world’s population size just keeps growing, meaning the waste generation has increased rapidly. This has had a significant effect on humanity, wildlife and the environment. As a result, governments have tried to replace traditional disposal methods, which result in pollution, with sustainable alternatives. Recycling rates keep increasing, yet projections indicate that we will soon be producing more waste than ever before.

The UK generated 202.8 million tonnes of total waste in 2014. Over half of this (59.4 percent) was generated by construction, demolition and excavation, with households responsible for a further 13.7 percent. Ok, this statistic is two and a bit years out of date, but the worrying thing is this figure is probably less than what we are currently producing in 2017.

At S-Craft we have decided that we cannot just sit back and let this waste handling issue get out of control. Pretty much every day we see people straining their bodies manually lifting waste. Just imagine trying to lift a wheelie bin full to the brim with all manner of nasty substances and then tip it out into another bin. Lifting that weight in an awkward position surely cannot be good for your back and health.

I have said it before and I will say it again. What you do today affects tomorrow and tomorrow could affect the rest of your life. Are you really willing to potentially sacrifice quality of life and times with your family because you got some stupid injury you could have avoided years ago? I know I wouldn’t.

S-Craft’s can provide you with a waste handling process that can start at a simple thing like a wheelie bin and range all the way up to a state of the art MegaDumper bin tipper. Click for more information.

Ok, I understand if you are still bored out of your mind and well done for reading this far. But I hope it has made you think ever so slightly more about how you produce and handle waste.

Now for those of you, who are bouncing off the walls with waste excitement, why not give S-Craft a call and we can get down to the juicy bits of waste handling.