Chemical spills and the impact on the environment

Effects of chemicals leaking into the environment.

Chemical spills can have devastating consequences for many types of pollution, causing ecosystem damage and risk to human health. Chemical spills can easily get out of hand if not managed properly, particularly if they enter waterways. As well as serious environmental consequences, the legal implications for your business can also be severe if you lose control of a spill.

One of the main implications when dealing when a spill occurs is water pollution. A spill of chemicals into any waterway and these pollution incidents can be extremely difficult to manage. The very nature of water makes it vulnerable to pollution from leaks or spills. Once pollution from hazardous substances such as oil, sewage or industrial chemicals have entered groundwater or surface water systems, the area of contamination can spread quickly, making it much harder to clean up effectively. A greater contamination area will also likely cause more environmental damage. Water pollution that has entered waterways can cause grave risk to public health, environmental damage, and destruction to wildlife.

How should can you prevent chemical spills and protect the environment?

We advise that you provide your staff with effective training and all the necessary spill equipment. Following this, the first step should be to assess the situation. This will tell you what has been spilled, and how to best contain it; plus any risk to staff and for any potential pollution.¬†Containment is essential; giving you an early opportunity to limit any damaging effects from the spill. Well – Maintained and easily accessible spill kits are vital for this, giving you the tools to absorb and control the spread of the chemical with the correct size spill kit supplied with the correct materials. You’ll also need to clean up the spill properly, following any decontamination and disposal procedures.


Chemicals containing sulfur can damage marine populations.


Chemicals containing can increase the risk of cancer.


Chemicals containing Benzene can cause harmful effects to bone marrow and also increase the risk of cancer.

Onsite spill assessments

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Ensuring your company meets all environmental legislations

We understand the importance of meeting environmental legislation. Here at Spill Craft, we work closely with HSE managers to ensure each company passes all assessments and meet all the relevant legislation.

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