To power or not to power (pallet trucks). That is the question?

Pallet Trucks in the Modern Age of Material Handling
Deciding between manual hand pallet trucks and an electric one, you may think is a simple decision. However, this decision is not always an easy one.

If you are in this predicament, ask yourself the following questions.

How big is your building?: Warehouses of a larger scale generally lead to increased travel distance. A powered pallet truck would be suited far better to this environment, as it will enable the user to work faster and reduce the chance of tiredness and injury.

Size of load: If your daily working tasks involve transportation of tall loads, then the powered pallet truck can result in safer operations. The manual hand pallet truck when transporting tall loads can lead to unstable movement, which then could increase the chance of employee injury.

Floor conditions: If you work on smooth well-levelled surfaces a hand pallet truck will work well. In contrast to this, the introduction of ramps and inclines to your operations will affect the efficiency of a manual hand pallet truck, leading to an increased chance of employee injury and absence levels.

Your operator: A manual hand pallet truck will require more physical effort of the user. If this is the current situation of your material handling operations then you will need to consider the individuals’ physical characteristics and provided them with the appropriate support they need.

Yes, the hand pallet truck is cheaper to buy, maintain and also last a lifetime. However, is this enough to enable an overall materials handling solution? If your employee base is consistently becoming injured due to repetitive work strain it will result in an increased absence level but also a reduction in profitability.

The powered pallet truck is larger, heavier and will require a higher investment, but don’t let this discourage you. You will gain a material-handling product that will allow you to become far more efficient in the transportation of pallets whilst also reducing the chance of injury.

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