The development of the pallet truck. Materials handling industry

Materials Handling

When something has been as commonplace as the Pallet Truck for so many generations, it is easy to forget that it actually was born from somebody’s original idea. It’s even harder to guess what problem the original idea was intended to solve. Contact S-Craft today for more on Materials Handling.

LYON-Raymond Corporation designed the original Hand Pallet Truck in 1932 with the aim to supplement their larger lifting product the Power Fork Tiering Truck for short hauls or in cramped quarters. This new design, however, did not come without its flaws. For the product to work effectively the Pallet itself had to be redesigned. This new Pallet omitted the bottom board near each end of the Pallet, so the wheels of the Lift Truck could drop through and contact the floor, thereby allowing a support for the wheels and the elevation of the load by the Hand Pallet Truck (Raymond, 2014).

Nowadays the ever-increasing development of electric hydraulic technology has led the Pallet Truck to be something not only to transport heavy goods in a small environment but something that is respected in preventing musculoskeletal injury within the Materials Handling industry.

Through the combination of electricity and hydraulic technology modern day Pallet Trucks are motorized to enable effective transportation of lifting heavy stacked Pallets. The Powered Pallet Truck initiates motion through a variable speed control thus allowing the user to steer the handle in a fluid and responsive way.

Here at S-Craft Ltd we have seen this surge in technology to be something that will not only become a significant addition to our range of material handling products but also, more importantly, see how the use of this technology will reduce the chance of musculoskeletal injury.

Our Powered Pallet Truck is designed to be as small as a standard Pallet Truck but with the same power of a Forklift Truck – which means you get the best of both worlds. It has the manoeuvrability you’re looking for, combined with the power you need. You can use the trucks on the uneven ground knowing that your load will be kept safe and secure. Increase efficiency and prevent injuries with a Powered Pallet Truck. Start by looking at our range today.

By Jonathan Hyde, 25/10/2016