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Hazardous Material Storage Containers

bunded storage container

What are Hazardous Storage containers?

Hazardous material storage containers are large drum, IBC storage containers that enable you to store away materials that are seen as a threat to both your employees and the environment. Here at Spill craft we offer a range of different hazardous storage cabinets catered to a number of different holding quantities. 

Why do you need a Hazardous storage container?

Hazardous storage containers provide a responsible way of maintaining Hazardous substances, helping you prevent any unnecessary spillages and contact with dangerous substances. Not only are you preventing your employees and the environment from serious damage, but you also prevent your company from breaching serious health and safety legislation.

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Hazardous material storage cupboard

SafeStor Mobile Cupboard

  • Liquid-tight sump
  • Reinforced Doors
  • Galvanized shelves

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Hazardous storage cabinet

Polyethylene Storage Cabinet

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Built-in Sump
  • Chemical Resistant

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chemical storage trunk


  • Hight Security Lockable Vault
  • High & Low-Level Ventilation
  • Extremely Durable
  • Tough Welded Construction

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hazardous storage cabinet

SafeStor Mobile Cupboard

  • Liquid-tight Sump
  • Reinforced Doors
  • Galvanized Doors

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What should you consider when buying a chemical storage container?

What are the UK legislative specifications concerning Hazardous storage containers?

Hazardous substances should be safely stored away (The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002). This legislation highlights the importance of containing substances in an appropriate manner that pose risk to employees health. Our Hazardous material storage containers ensure dangerous chemicals are kept out of the way when not in use, making the workplace safer for both the workers and the environment.

What are the benefits of a Hazardous Storage Container

  • Safe working environment: Prevents any unnecessary contact with harmful substances
  • Protecting the environment: Creates a secure barrier between hazardous substances and the environment
  • Avoidance of Theft: A container offers you with in-depth integrity and strength to keep your fuel safer.
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What materials are used to make high quality hazardous storage container?

Most hazardous material storage containers are made from either Steel or molded plastic structures. The types of material you need are determined by the substance that will be stored. If the hazardous materials being stored are non-corrosive, we recommend using a steel container. However, if the substances are corrosive you should use a plastic container.

Why should you invest in a bunded storage container?

Hazardous storage containers are necessary when handling and storing substances that are likely to cause harm to your workplace, employees or the environment. We understand the importance of both uk legislations and safe workplaces that why we are dedicated to helping you choose hazardous storage cabinets that suit the capacity of the substances being stored, the nature of the substances and environment and your employee requirements.

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