Manual handling solutions can eliminate staff injuries caused by pulling, tugging, lifting and carrying luggage & equipment in airports.








Airport Industry
According to Sustainable Aviation the UK aviation sector generates a turnover of £60.6 billion, it invests over £15 million annually in charity, community and good causes and £1.7 billion is invested in Research & Development annually, with significant spin-off benefits flowing out to other sectors and industries.

Injury Statistics within the Aviation Industry
In 2014, HSE Statistics estimated that during the period 2013/2014 there were 918 workplace injuries within Air Transportation. With 823 injured employees averaging over 7 days off through injury which equates to 89.6% of the total injuries in air transportation. With each injury, the average cost is around £7,400. incredibly 39% of these injuries occur when manual handling (Lifting, Carrying) various loads.

Effects of Business
With the Injury rate to employees so low compared to the UK average of 1,920 injuries for every 100,000 the immediate effects are subtle. When a fellow Employee injures themselves, it may seem like the turbulence stops with a doctor’s appointment and a few days off, however, the productivity and economic gain will be missed from the injured employee. Furthering this there will be an adverse effect on the organisation’s net profit, and with each employee averaging a cost of £7,400 per injury which equates to over £6.5 million of costs, you can understand why organisations are looking at reducing the injury rate.

Effects on Employees
The cost may not substantially affect the multi-billion-pound transportation organisations but, to those hit by injury within the workplace will feel the effects and injuries can limit mobility and can have an impact adversely on the productivity of the injured employee. This could be something simple such as stopping social time with friends and family over a day or two or could leave the employee needing physio for an extensive period in which it can further affect your mental health too. As creatures of habit, we don’t like to be sat around doing nothing for months on end not knowing when you will get better.

In 2014, HSE Statistics estimated that during 2013/2014, 918 workplace injuries took place within Air Transportation. 823 of the injured employees took sick leave, averaging over 7 days off- this equates to 89.6% of the total injuries in air transportation. With each injury, the average cost is around £7,400. Incredibly 39% of these injuries occur due to manual handling (Lifting, Carrying) various loads. This shows that with quality, certified equipment- these accidents become entirely avoidable.