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Every manufacturing company has a potentially detrimental impact on the environment. Legislation such as Environmental Protection Act, Oil Storage Regulations, Control of Hazardous Substances plus many more, highlight the fact that any responsible company has to have systems and training in place to comply with legislation and also to fulfill their Duty of Care.

Busy HSE officers have many responsibilities, the overseeing of spill control procedures and pollution issues whilst recognised as important, is often passed on to a person or company who then adds this to their current role or offering. This results in a series of potential problems –from the responsible person literally not knowing what they need, to incorrect products being purchased, no maintenance programme, lack of spill training, failing audits etc…

Companies need to have an emergency spill response plan in place to deal with potential incidents, one of these incidents is a spillage. A spillage has the potential for huge problems if it goes wrong i.e. there’s a pollution incident – this includes huge fines, bad publicity, loss of customer confidence and more.

Environmental Issues

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Ensuring your company meets all legislation

Every company that handles liquids has a duty of care to protect both their people and the environment.

We work closely with Environmental managers to ensure companies meet all relevant environmental legislation.

Our approach

Through correct product specification, management, training, analysis and reviews. Spillcraft can offer you a complete spill control procedure that will save you time, hassle and money.

With years of spill management experience, we work alongside HSE managers to provide full site audits and solutions ensuring companies protect their workers and environment from potential dangers and meet UK legislation.


We visit your site and conduct a full assessment.


A report is then put together, highlighting the key areas that pose risk to both your workers and your environment. We then list out all the solutions to these issues alongside a full break down of the cost of each piece of equipment and service.


Once you are happy with the changes we have suggested, we send out experienced members of our team to set up everything on site and implement the solutions we have offered. Visit intervals will also be agreed on during this stage.


You will then receive a spill risk assessment report displaying each of the changes that have been made, and the issues that have been resolved.

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