Bunded Stores

With Bunded stores, potentially dangerous substances are stored away, giving you a more open and safer working environment,

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Bunded store solutions are usually tailored to suit specific requirements. You need to first identify your safety and storage needs before purchasing a steel store or a gas cylinder store. Here at Spill Craft, we are known for offering one of the leading bunded store solutions in the industry for more than three decades.

Always consider the design and the tank capacity before acquiring your bunded store or steel store.

Design: You can customise your bunded store solution to suit your storage and safety needs. Consider the available alternatives. You can choose a cylindrical shape or rectangular shape, underground or above ground steel drum store. You also have the opportunity to choose a preferred colour. Some bunded tanks are partitioned to allow the user to store various fuels.
Tank Capacity: This is a fundamental factor to consider while choosing your preferred steel drum store. You can purchase a larger or smaller fuel tank based on the exact needs of your site. You should only purchase a bunded fuel tank that suits the specific requirements of your industrial site.

Why you need a bunded steel drum store?

Health and Safety: Under “The Control of Pollution Act (2001),” commercial and industrial tanks need to have reliable secondary containment to prevent chemicals and other fuels from spilling to the outside, especially when leaks occur. A bunded steel store is a crucial tool that helps industrial and commercial users to comply with all the government requirements concerning the above regulation.

Storage Capacity: Unlike the plastic storage solutions, steel drum store solutions have the exceptional capabilities to establish robust storage needs based on the needs of your facility and employees. Here at Spill Craft, we offer bunded store tanks that can hold nearly to 200,000 litres of liquid.
Reducing the Carbon Footprint: A bunded steel drum store has two equally robust protective layers. In essence, it is a tank inside another tank. When a leak happens, the second layer prevents the hazardous fuel or acid from spilling outside. The outer layer also provides you with ample time to handle the situation.
Protecting Your Investment: Most of the fuels are used for commercial and industrial purposes. They also have a higher monetary value and the business owners must invest in solutions that reduce cases of theft. Spill Craft steel store solutions are made from tough and long-lasting materials, making it quite hard for anyone to penetrate both the inner and the outer tanks.

Why do you need a gas cylinder store?

We deliver all of our gas cylinder stores or cages when they are fully assembled. All our gas cylinder storage units are designed with a strong welded steel structure to guarantee security and durability. Once you contact us, we will help you to choose a gas cylinder store solution featuring a strong metal roof to assure quality weather protection. Adequate ventilation is also provided by the open-door panels and open mesh.
Access: Our gas stores have sliding doors and our gas cages have hinged doors, all of which can be padlocked.
Storage: Our gas cylinder storage solutions allow you to store the cylinders upright with secured chains and cages. Here at Spill Craft, we provide ready to ship and standard gas store alternatives.
Signage: The safety and hazard signs are usually fitted to the doors.
Finish: All of our gas stores and cages are usually finished using hot-dip zinc and galvanised coating. The coating provides a sleek matte and protective finish and it is also maintenance free.

Our gas cylinder store and steel store solutions have been one of the leading product options in the industry for many years. Our expertise and experience have helped us to provide practical and customised bunded store solutions to many commercial and industrial sites in the UK. You can call our team of experts on 01606 827569 for specialised and personable assistance. Alternatively, you can visit our Contact page to fill out our enquiry form. Our diligent team of experts will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.