Absorbent Materials For Chemical Spills

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A spill control kit for chemicals can help you solve many spillage problems. Here at Spill Craft, we have hired a highly trained and certified team of experts to help you to choose a chemical spill kit that suits the unique needs of your facility and your employees.

Absorbent Materials for Oil and Fuel Spills

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Oil absorbents are a versatile product, they can clean up a multitude of spills and provide you with a safer working environment.

Absorbent Materials For Workshop Spills

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Our advanced and affordable chemical control solutions focus on how to safely dispose of chemicals and how to safely contain spillage, breach or accidents. We ensure that the chemical risks of further damage or contamination are kept at manageable levels wherever possible.

Drain Spill Protection Covers

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Drain protection devices are essential for any company handling liquids. Designed to be deployed in seconds, drain protection covers will effectively seal off surface water drains preventing costly fines and potential bad publicity.

Oil, Chemical and General Purpose Spill Kits

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Spill kits clean a variation of substances, can be used across multiple industries and prevent slips and falls.

Spill Stations & Absorbent Dispensers

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Spill stations offer organisation for all of your spill solutions. If their whereabouts is known, anyone employee can deal with a spillage.

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