Bin handling: are you blinded by your daily routine?

Do you understand the current bin handling process within your individual working environment? Day after day, week after week your work routine becomes second nature and the only conscious thought you have is getting the job done, even though there could be a likely hood of injury.

Where are you right now? Stop for a moment and really consider your bin handling process. Ask yourself, am I truly providing myself with the best means of increasing my efficiency and most importantly reducing the chance of injury?

Now I appreciate if you have been using the same bin handling process for a number of years and have fortunately never had to deal with a workplace incident or injury. As the old saying states “if it’s not broken why fix it”. However, there is also another saying, “the people who frequently like to push the balance will one day find themselves on uneasy ground”.

Why not allow yourself to become far more knowledgeable of your working environment and the people around you. Are you really going to deny yourself the opportunity to become better at what you do? More importantly, are you going to keep allowing others to work in conditions that could not only affect them in the workplace but also their family.

What we do today affects tomorrow and tomorrow could affect the rest of your life. Everything we do is a stepping-stone to a new experience. Just make sure that experience is of a positive nature and not something that could stop you from enjoying life.

Here at S-Craft, we provide products that can fit all areas of the bin handling process. Whether it is a simple wheelie bin or all the way up to a state of the art bin tipper. Why not get in contact today and arrange a free on-site visit with S-Craft. We take the time to understand you and your working environment and from this provide you with a complete solution that will allow you to become far more efficient in preventing injury and increasing efficiency. Remember life is to be enjoyed, not to be affected by something that could have easily been prevented.