Spillcraft have a great selection of coverall suits and gloves to help keep you protected and safe. View More

Spill Absorbents

Absorbents for spills, to keep customers and employees safe from potential drips, leaks and spills. View More
Spillcraft is one of the leading spill kits UK suppliers. Spill control items and absorbents assist you to keep your work environment and workers safe from any possible accident that results from drips, leaks, and spills.

Emergency Spill Kits

Spill kits are designed for emergency spill situations. Available in a range of sizes for different liquid spills they contain everything you need to manage a spill or leak incident. View More

Wiping Products

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Roof Leak Diverters

Ideal quick fix solution to roof leaks in any setting. Simple to use, contains the leak preventing slips and damage. View More

AdBlue Bunded Tanks

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Industrial Floor Matting

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Spill Pallets

With broad chemical resistance, bunded spill pallets control spillages & leaks to help keep your work environment safe from potential accidents. View More
Spillcraft are a leading UK provider of Spill Control Solutions. Spill pallets control spillages & leaks to help keep your work environment safe from potential accidents. Bunded Spill Pallets are available in a range of sizes, suitable for most liquids.

COVID 19 Health Essentials

A range of Health Essentials to support front line workers during this challenging time. View More

Liquid Handling

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Bunded Stores

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With Bunded stores, potentially dangerous substances are stored away, giving you a more open and safer working environment.

Hazardous Storage Cabinets

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Hazardous storage ensure any collected spills or containers are kept safe within the confines of an isolated cabinet.

Drain Protection & Leak Diverters

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Drain protection devices are essential for any company handling liquids. Designed to be deployed in seconds, drain protection covers will effectively seal off surface water drains preventing costly fines and potential bad publicity.

Drip Trays

Drip Trays and spill trays are most suited for small leaks and spills including chemicals and oils. Drip trays prevent chemicals or other liquids from causing further damage. View More
Drip Trays, also known as spill trays, are ideal for catching small leaks and spills in the work place and are great for storing smaller drums and containers which ay drip. Compact and lightweight, drip trays can fit into small areas, are robust, easy to clean and compatible with most liquids

Site Safety & Cleaning

Winter safety and cleaning equipment to help prevent accidents in the workplace. Also contains great crowd control Barriers. View More

Justrite Bunds

Justrite is a trusted brand of spill containment products. Rigid Lock Quick Berms offer businesses a flexible solution to spill containment. Quick and easy to deploy these bunds can provide a temporary or more long term solution from a UV protected, tough and durable PVC coated construction. View More

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