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360Ltr Wheeled Oil Only Spill Kit


  • Absorbs up to 360 Litres
  • Contains oil absorbents which repel water
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labelling available
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Our 360Ltr Oil Spill Kit contains our high quality oil only absorbents for quick and effective clean up of oil and fuel spills. These absorbents will repel water based liquids, making them more effective on oils, ideal for spills on bodies of water, and for outside spills which may have come into contact with rain water.

The kit provides equipment for an emergency spill response including a range of absorbents including mats, pillows and socks. It also contains protective equipment for the spill responder and to ensure the area is made safe, including warning tape and hazardous waste bags for a safe clean up.

This spill kit is supplied in a larger wheelie bin to protect the contents and to ensure the kit can easily be transported to an emergency incident. We recommend spill kits are audited and tagged on a regular basis to ensure hey are not being used as a rubbish bin, and to ensure the contents remains complete so it is ready should an emergency situation occur. We do also provide audit covers for these bins, which show colleagues, visitors and stakeholders that the spill kits are well maintained.

If you have any questions regarding our spill kits, refill packs, or any other questions regarding spill response please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01606 352 679

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Spill Kit Type


Spill Kit Capacity (ltr)


Oil Only Mats (qty)


Oil Only 3m Socks (qty)


Oil Only 1.2m Socks (qty)


Oil Only Pillows (qty)


Waste Bags (qty)


Barrier Tape Roll (qty)


Goggles (qty)


Gloves (qty)



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