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Anti-Fatigue Matting Soft-Step Anti-static


  • Easy cleaning
  • Electronic or hazardous areas
  • Insulates feet against cold floors
  • Reduces fatigue
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If your workers have to stand for extended periods of time, anti-fatigue matting is a must. The mats are designed to help reduce the fatigue people get when they’re standing on a hard surface for a long time. Anti-Static matting is a device for safeguarding people and equipment against electrostatic discharge.

The integrated circuits within computers are made up of transistors and these chips are very susceptible to damage from static electricity, exposure could easily lead to components of the computer being destroyed. Anti-static mats work because they contain a conductive material which accumulates static.

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Size (mm)

1500 x 910, 18300 x 910


Black with yellow border


Retail Counters, Laboratories, Test Benches, Electronic Manufacturing

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