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Box (20) Absorbent Pillows for workplace drips and leaks


  • For leaks and drips
  • Suitable on non-aggressives
  • Large capacity
  • 20 / Box


Premium grade absorbent pillows for dealing with large spillages of non aggressive fluids such as oils, fuels, coolants and mild chemicals.  Comes in a handy dispensing box. Due to the large surface area the absorbent pillow covers it has a high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up liquids. Excellent option for catching everyday leaks from pipes or taps.

Additional information

Absorbent Type

Absorbent Pillows

Size (mm)

300 x 350

Quantity per Box



Oil / Mild Chemicals


Under leaking taps or valves to contain leaks and drips.

Base Fibre