Gladiator Towable Salt Spreader


  • 250kg capacity hopper
  • Reflector Lighting Kit
  • Ball or Hitch attachment
  • Handles all BS3247 certified Rock Salt


Product Information

The Gladiator is the largest towable spinner spreader from Spillcraft.

With 250kg capacity steel hopper, spread width of 200-1200cm and flow control mechanism, the Gladiator comes with a full reflector lighting kit and can be attached to the back of any towing vehicle with the choice of either a ball or pin hitch attachment.

This spreader is perfect for professional gritting operations and can handle all BS3247 certified rock salt, winter de-icing salt and also fertiliser (clean thoroughly between uses).

Please also select BALL HITCH  or PIN HITCH  attachment.

Additional information

Volume Capacity (ltr)


Hopper Width (mm)


Hopper Length (mm)


Hopper Height (mm)


Salt Type

Dry White Rock Salt