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Chemical Absorbent Roll


  • 48cm x 46m
  • Dimpled for extra strength
  • Perforated for economy
  • Suitable for most chemicals


48cm x 46m

Heavy grade absorbent roll

Suitable for most chemical spills

Bonded for extra strength and low linting

Perforated so that you can tear off as little or as mush as you require

Ideal for use around machinery or on walkways

Ideal also on large spills where a large quantity of absorbent material needs to be deployed quickly.

The roll is made from a layers of meltblown which are sonically bonded together. The sonic bonding points make the absorbent roll less prone to stray fibres becoming detached and also gives the roll a very even structure which contributes to the good absorbency rate. The yellow colour identifies this roll as suitable for emergency use.

The chemical absorbent roll is 46cm wide by 46 metres long and features perforations down its length, every 19 cm (7.5”) and across its width every 50 cm (20”) at no additional cost.

Additional information

Absorbent Type

Absorbent Roll

Size (mm)

480mm x 450mm



Absorbency (ltr)

Approx. 100 Litres


Around machinery or on isolated spills.

Weight/Case (kg)


Base Fibre


Recycled content (%)



Specification Sheet

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