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Chemical Absorbent 3m Socks 8Pack


  • 8 socks per box
  • Suitable for most chemicals
  • Retention double knitted skin to maximise strength
  • Absorbs 6 times it’s weight in chemical substances.


3 metres long

8 socks per box

Ideal for around the base of machinery to prevent leaks and spills from spreading

Available in a handy dispensing box

Suitable for most use on chemicals

Made in the UK

Chemical absorbent socks, sometimes known as booms, are ideal for around the base of machinery to prevent leaks and spills from spreading.  Chemical absorbent socks are also a great component for emergency spill kits to quickly contain a spill that is spreading. As with all absorbent products, once contaminated they should be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

Our Chemical absorbent sock is essential for containing spills that could have significant consequences, controlling them with ease by having superb absorbent quality, and retention double knitted skin to maximise strength. The retention and double knitted skin caters for all industrial liquids, including aggressive chemicals, metal and plastic tag free.

A simplistic design with no detachable items and bright yellow material instantly indicates correct product use, and quick effective application. The socks will absorb all grades of chemical designed for use in heavy engineering environments, where strength is paramount.


They are constructed out of a Polyacrylate double knitted skin, filled with Polypropylene Fibre (additives/pigment incorporated in small percentage. Lubricant used as surface treatment.) Unlikely to cause harmful effects when handled correctly and used as an absorbent. Using polyacrylate allows the sock to absorb 6 times it’s weight in chemical substances.

Additional information

Absorbent Type

Absorbent Socks

Size (mm)

3000 x 80

Quantity per Box




Absorbency (ltr)



Around machinery or on isolated spills.

Weight (kg)


Base Fibre

Super absorbent flake

Recycled Content (%)



Specification Sheet

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