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ChemMax3 Type 3 & 4 Chemical Coverall Suit


  • Inset sleeves
  • Cushioned knee pads
  • Double zip and storm flap
  • Chest label

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ChemMAX® is the brand name for a comprehensive range of coveralls for Type 3 & 4 protection against hazardous chemicals.

Superior multi-layer barrier films laminated to spunbond PP substrate – 170gsm.
• Extruded fabric construction. Results in smoother and more consistent fabric than bonded or glued competitors.
• Superior softness and flexibility and more consistent chemical barrier (no ‘pinching’ or thinner bond points as seen in competitor fabrics).
• European manufactured fabric, tested against a full range of chemical warfare agents for anti-terror and civil defence operations.
• Very low noise level. Safer and improved comfort.
• Cushioned double-layer knee pads for increased comfort and safety.
• Improved Super-B style coverall: superior fit, wearability and durability.
• Three-piece hood, inset sleeves and diamond crotch gusset results in best fitting garment on the market.
• New design three-piece hood with tapered centre piece for superior face and respirator mask fit.
• New higher neck and zip flaps for improved face/neck protection.
• Double zip & storm flap front fastening for safe and secure protection.

ChemMAX® 3 a UK manufactured multi-layer barrier film to provide protection against a wide range of hazardous chemicals. In addition co-extrusion technology means a smooth and flexible fabric that does not suffer from the crushing and pitting suffered by adhesive of heat laminated barrier fabrics – so thickness and peremation is uniform throughout the fabric surface. See Lakeland’s guide to the selection of limited life coveralls for hazardous chemical protection.

EN 14605 (Type 3 & 4)
EN 13982 (Type 5)
EN 13034 (Type 6)
EN 1149-5 (Anti-static)
EN 14126 (Bio hazard / infectious agents)
EN 1073 (radiation contaminated dusts)


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