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Ezi-MT Bin Tipper


  • Max 65kg lift capacity
  • Manual lift
  • 1500mm lift height
  • Lightweight
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The UK’s sole distributor of the Ezi-MT Bin Tipper

The Ezi-MT Bin Tipper is an economical manual bin tipper from S-Craft Manual Handling, designed for low-volume users. Although it has a large 65kg lifting capacity, the Ezi-MT is lightweight and easy to move – making it an ideal solution for schools, cafes, small businesses, and local councils.

The Ezi-MT Bin Tipper uses the same reliable tipping action found on other S-Craft Manual Handling products, but with a difference: it is powered by the user! The unique hand winch-powered design allows full compliance with workplace health and safety laws, without expensive hydraulic machinery.

Like other S-Craft products, the Ezi-MT Bin Tipper always keeps the weight of the bin within the footprint of the machine throughout the tipping cycle. This ensures safety and stability, even when emptying very heavy bins.

Whole-of-life environmental impact was considered from the start of the Ezi-MT Bin Tipper design process, to create a product that doesn’t hurt the planet. The unique single-mast design weighs just 110kg, and can be shipped flat-packed to reduce carbon emissions from transport. The Ezi-MT Bin Tipper has no powered components, generates no electronic waste, and is completely recyclable.

Yet the Ezi-MT Bin Tipper is also very robust, and can be used outdoors for many years with little or no maintenance.

All units come with a 12 months warranty.