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Flood Defence Response Kit


  • Flood Defence Kit
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Spillages are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
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This Kit provides you with all the essential products you need for a first response to a flood, it is extremely versatile and designed with the user in mind, so that spillages/floods are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Containing absorbent socks, liquid diverters and floodsax this flood defence kit will offer protection from flooding. Includes a floor squeegee and bucket.

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Additional information

240ltr Wheeled Bin (Qty)


Floodsax (20) (Qty)


Maintenance Absorbent Socks 3mtr (Qty)


14ltr bucket (Qty)


Polyurethane Liquid Diverter, 3mtr (Qty)


4 Piece Interchangeable Handle(Qty)


Floor Squeegee (Qty)


Spill Kit Type

Flood Defence