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Hydraulic Lift Drum Trolley for Steel & Poly Drums


  • Quick & easy lift & move
  • One person operation
  • 210 Ltr Steel & Poly Drums
  • Minimum effort, no strain and in complete safety
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Heavy duty, powder-coated steel hydraulic drum trolley for 210 litre steel and plastic drums and barrels. This trolley is designed to load and unload drums on and off pallets and/or drum sumps. This enables a single operator to pick up and transport full or empty steel or poly drums with minimum effort, no strain and in complete safety.  It is easy to position and has a hydraulic clamp that grabs and lifts the drum by its rim, meaning the operator does not have to manoeuvre or even touch the drum by hand. A touch sensitive release valve lowers the drum slowly and safely back down.

  • Standard hydraulic drum / barrel transporters for pallet loading / unloading
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Quick & easy lift & move
  • One person operation
  • 90 deg. legs allow access to pallet corners
  • High lift base & high lift action for pallets & drum sumps
  • 2 x fixed wheels & castor with brake
  • Drum size litres: 210
  • Drum type: steel ~ poly
  • Capacity kg: 300
  • Dimensions mm: 1200 H x 980 W x 820 D
  • Max. drum lift height mm: 290
  • Weight: 42 kg

Additional information

Dimensions - H x W x D mm

1120 x 1080 x 640mm

Certified Lifting Capacity Kg


Max. Drum Lift Height mm



90 Deg. Legs Allow Access to Pallet Corners
High Base & High Lift for Pallets & Drum Sumps
2 x Fixed Wheels & 1 x Castor with Brakes

Drum Type

Steel & Poly

Weight Kg


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