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Fork Lift Truck Spill Kit


  • Fork Lift Spill Kit for mounting on fork lift truck
  • Includes temporary sealing putty for damaged drums
  • Kit will absorb all fluids including chemicals.
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Fork Lift trucks are used in many industries for transporting pallets and products. Occasionally accidents happen where a Fork Lift may damage a drum or IBC causing a leak or spill. Our fork lift truck spill kit is designed to mount on the back of a fork lift, providing emergency response to spills and leaks. The kit includes temporary sealing putty to prevent further spills from damaged drums.

Our fork lift truck kit includes absorbents to absorb all fluids, including chemicals and hazardous liquids.

Absorbs:  18 Litres

Size: 50 cm (l) x 222cm (w) x 35cm (h)

Weight: 4kg


10 Pads

2 x 8cm x 1.2m Socks

0.5kg Tub Sealing Putty

Nitrile Gloves


2 Disposal Bags & Ties

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Fork Lift