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Self-Contained Hand Wash Station – H-Wash 45


  • All-in-one portable hand-wash station – no plumbing, no electrics
  • Built-to-last and easy to move around
  • Capacity of 225 x 20 second washes per fill
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Our H-WASH45 unit is the ultimate hand-wash station that can be literally used anywhere. Built-to-last and easy to move around, the unit is ideal for a wide range of industries, and the capacity of 225 x 20 second washes per fill makes it perfect for high-footfall environments

✓ Highly durable unit made from 70% recycled plastic
✓ Can be refilled with bulk liquid soap from most manufacturers
✓ Suitable for external/outdoor environments• Hands-free water supply with foot operated tap
✓ Self-contained unit with easy-ill 45L storage tank, providing enough water for up to 225x 20 second hand washes
✓ Grey water is drained into a removable collection drum, removing the risk of contamination.
✓ Unit includes 5litre Soap dispenser, Paper towel dispenser, 25L Grey/wastewater collection drum and waste bin
✓ Storage for extra consumables makes it easy to maintain the unit.
✓ Full forearm sink, meets HSE regulations
✓ Weight: 25kg (without consumables)
✓ Dimensions: 596 x 1555 x 470mm (W x H x D)
✓ Registered Design: 00786066