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H-Wash 45v


Our all-in-one, slimline, hand-washing facility for internal use.
Ideal for the back of large vans or trucks, and other internal environments where space is limited. Everything is accessible from the front of the unit, including the wastewater tank and waste bin

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✓ Manufactured from 70% recycled plastic
✓ Slimline and compact making it suitable for delivery vehicles
✓ Can be wall mounted in an internal environment
✓ Hands-free water supply with foot operated tap
✓ Self-contained unit with easy–ill 45L storage tank, providing enough water for up to 225x 20 second hand washes
✓ Grey water is drained into a removeable collection drum
✓ Unit includes Soap bottle holder, Paper towel dispenser, 25L Grey/wastewater collection drum and waste bin
✓ Total weight – 20KG (not inc. water and consumables)
✓ Dimensions: 680 x 1410 x 310mm (W x H x D)