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IBC Spill Pallet with 4-way FLT access


  • For 1 x 1000Ltr IBC
  • 4-way FLT access
  • Removable grid
  • Complies with current legislation


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  • Length 1340
  • Width 1230
  • Height 1090mm
  • Weight 71kg
  • Sump 1150Ltr
  • UDL 1500kg
  • Approval¬†DIBt Z-40.22-398

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Manufactured from medium density polyethylene this robust spill pallet has 4-way fork lift access and an integral tray to catch drips from the IBC tap. The unit also comes complete with a removable plastic mesh deck, has broad range chemical compatibility and as you would expect fully complies with all the UK Oil Storage Regulations.

An excellent addition to the safe storage of IBCs on your site. Manufactured from polyethylene this IBC spill pallet is light-weight and very durable. Removable decking is provided for easy cleaning and integral fork pockets mean it can be quickly and easily moved around your site.


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Dimensions (mm)

1340 x 1230 x 1090mm

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