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Low Profile Spill Tray – Sump 60ltr


  • 60 Ltr sump
  • Only 70mm high
  • No Grid
  • Ideal for areas where there is little or no clearance between the underside of the machine and the floor
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Length: 1450mm
Width: 840mm
Height: 70mm
Weight: 8kg
Sump: 60ltr
A low profile spill tray ideal for catching drips under vehicles. Compact and easy to clean this spill tray can be used together with absorbent products to deal with drips and leaks in the workplace.

Spill Trays are ideal for catching minor leaks and spills in the work place and are great for storing smaller drums and containers. Compact and lightweight they can fit into small areas, are robust, easy to clean and compatible with most liquids.
Manufactured from polyethylene for broad chemical resistance this compact and lightweight spill tray is ideal for general housekeeping and spill control.


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