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MegaDumper Wheelie Bin Tipper

  • 600kg max capacity
  • Safe, fast & reliable
  • Various Tip Heights
  • 3 Phase or Battery


The UK’s sole distributor of the MegaDumper Bin Tipper

Wheelie Bin Lifting equipment

Tips the following bins:

  • 240 Litres – 2 at a time
  • 660 Litres
  • 1100 Litres

The MegaDumper is based on the proven design of the Simpro Dumpmaster, and is probably the safest, most reliable and easy-to-use industrial tipper available. Originally designed for emptying 660L and 1100L MGBs weighing up to 600kg, the MegaDumper can be customised to tip almost any container at heights beyond ten metres. Floor space requirements do not change regardless of tipping height, since the weight of the bin remains within the floor footprint at all times.

Like all Simpro Bin Lifter products, the MegaDumper was designed for safety from the ground up. Full height guarding and swing-up door with safety interlock system are fitted as standard. Additional certification is available to a range of international standards, including ISO 12100, AS/NZS 4024, and CE.

Since its introduction in 1998 the MegaDumper has proven to be remarkably reliable in even the most demanding of environments. Some operators have used the MegaDumper as an integral part of their production workflow for two decades with no regular maintenance