Load Mover Tug T1000

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  • 1000kg Capacity
  • Removable battery
  • Multiple connection options
  • 20 second battery change

Until recently it was no easy job pushing or pulling heavy awkward loads, every task carried with it a serious risk of back injury. The Movexx T1000 Electric Tug has completely transformed the whole concept of moving heavy loads.

Electric Load Moving Tugs are user friendly, compact machine with multiple uses within many types of industries. Electric Tugs remove the physical effort of moving goods from one place to another easing the manual handling input from the workforce. Electric Load Moving Tugs come with a wide range of bespoke and standard options enable them to connect to almost any load on wheels.

Manual Handling

In the Manual Handling industry, the manual transportation of a full container is a physically heavy and risky operation, together with that is the fact that it is often a two-man operation, this creates inefficiencies as well as potential injuries and cost. Despite this, the job still needs to be done.

The Manual Handling Process Solution

Electric Load Moving Tugs are the answer – with the use of special attachments, Electric Load Moving Tugs can be connected to almost any type of wheeled container and with a powerful electric motor, these can then be effortlessly transported to the required destination.

The Movexx T1000 Electric Tug is the result of years of experience in many different industries. Manufactured in state of the art facilities and utilising unique engineering expertise. Electric Load Moving Tugs are a fantastic choice to help: reduce injuries, increase efficiency, decrease time taken and cost.

Available from leading distributor S-Craft Manual Handling. contact us today to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.

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