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Multi-tip bin tipper

  • Dual hand control system
  • Max 150kg weight capacity
  • 1600mm Tip Height
  • Battery powered


The UK’s sole distributor of the Multi-Tip Bin Tipper

The Multi-Tip Bin Tipper from S-Craft is everything a bin tipper should be – safe, reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. It is ideal for operations where a medium-duty mobile bin tipping machine is required.

The Multi-Tip Bin Tipper uses an innovative single-mast lifting design which gives the operator a clear view of the area during tipping operations to ensure safety. The dual-hand control system ensures moving parts cannot be accessed while the machine is in operation. Additionally, the single-mast design is very easy to clean and maintain.

As standard, the Multi-Tip Bin Tipper is fitted with a S-Craft universal cradle, which lifts all common wheelie bins with no clamping or modification. However a range of custom cradles are available, allowing the machine to empty nearly any commercial container, at weights up to 150kg. Various models offer tipping heights of 1200mm, 1600mm and 1800mm

Like all S-Craft products, the Multi-Tip Bin Tipper is extremely robust and requires no regular maintenance. It is corrosion-resistant and IP-rated to allow for indoors or outdoors use, and a stainless steel version is available for use in hygiene-critical environments.