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Oil Absorbent Granules 20Ltr


  • From only £7 per bag
  • Suitable for industrial spills
  • Fast acting and Economical
  • 70 Bags to a pallet
  • Ideal for use on isolated spillages or around machinery.
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70 Bags to a pallet

20 Litre volume filled bag

Economical to use

Suitable for most industrial spills

Excellent anti-slip properties

Ideal for use on isolated spillages or around machinery.

Absorbent granules are a traditional yet effective method of cleaning up industrial spills. For an effective clean up operation pour absorbent granules round the outside of the spillage to contain it, once the spill is contained work the absorbent granules into the main part of the spill using a stiff brush until the liquid is completely absorbed. Once the spill has been absorbed, dispose of the absorbent granules in a suitable waste disposal bag or bin. For best results, once the spill has been removed, scatter a thin layer of clean absorbent granules over the affected area and brush them in with a stiff brush. this will leave the area clean and completely slip free.


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