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Oil Absorbent Roll – 48cm x 46m


  • Each roll is 48cm x 46m
  • Perforated
  • Dimpled for extra strength
  • Absorbs instantly


48cm x 46m long

Perforated so that you can tear off as little or as much as you need

Dimpled for extra strength

Low linting

Ideal for around machinery or in walkways

Suitable for use on any type of oil or fuel spillage.

Each roll absorbs approximately 80 – 100 litres

Melt blown polypropylene absorbent rolls are a very clean and cost effective way of dealing with spillages either indoors or outdoors. Compared with oil absorbent granules you’ll find absorbent rolls a lot quicker and easier to use, they’re light, non-dusty and very effective. Absorbent mats can be used under or around machinery to catch any unwanted dripd or overspray. Absorbent rolls are simple to use, simply tear off what you need and then place the roll on top of the spillage and it will start to work instantly. To avoid wastage make sure the absorbent rolls are fully saturated prior to disposal.

Additional information

Absorbent Type

Absorbent Roll

Size (mm)

480 x 450




In walkways or around machinery to prevent leaks and overspray from spreading.

Base Fibre


Recycled Content (%)



Specification Sheet

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