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Oil Absorbent Socks 1.2m


  • 20 Oil Absorbent Socks per Box
  • 1.2m Long
  • Fast acting oil absorbency
  • Flexible outer skin
  • Premium grade absorbent socks for containing spillages of oils and fuels


Premium grade absorbent socks for containing spillages of oils and fuels. Also often referred to as mini booms or snakes these 1.2m absorbents are designed to contain a spill, preventing a spill from spreading. Simply place the socks around a oil or fuel spill, overlapping them to ensure your spill does not spread further. The socks will absorb oil it comes into contact with, we then recommend absorbing the majority of the spill with mats, roll, or pillows for a quick and efficient clean.  White oil absorbents are hydrophobic which means they absorb oil while repelling water. This makes these absorbents ideal for cleaning oil spills which may have come into contact with rainwater, or on bodies of water such as lakes and canals.

Longer 3m oil absorbent socks are also available.

Our guide to understanding absorbents offers further details on the types of absorbents available

Additional information

Absorbent Type

Absorbent Socks

Size (mm)

1200m x 80

Quantity per Box





Around the base of leaking machinery.

Base Fibre


Recycled Content (%)



Specification Sheet

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