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Chemical Absorbent Drum Toppers Pack 25


  • Keep drum tops clean
  • Fits standard 205L drums
  • Prevents spills spreading
  • High level of absorbency.


Excellent way of catching drips when you are pumping out of 205ltr/45gal drums to prevent liquids collecting on the surface of the drums. The yellow colour identifies these pads are suitable for chemical liquids. Highly absorbent these pads should be used whenever the drum is in use to prevent any spills from spreading.

Also available as general purpose absorbent drum toppers if not using chemicals.

As with all absorbents these should be disposed of carefully in a hazardous waste bag

Additional information

Absorbent Type

Absorbent Drum Toppers

Diameter (mm)


Quantity per Pack



Aggressive Liquids / Water / Oils


On top of drums

Base Fibre


Recycled Content (%)



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