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Rigid-Lock quick Bund 3.7m x 4.9m x 305mm (Copy)


  • Fold down sides
  • Fast set-up
  • Portable
  • Suitable for outdoors


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Sets up in minutes, great for efficiency and quick response under emergency spill conditions. Reinforced Critical Corner™ design features wraparound diagonal welds for superior strength and fluid-tight reliability. Berm withstands a broad range of chemicals including petroleums and most acids, and is durable enough for extended wear. High-visibility yellow inside supports alert against potential catch hazards inside while keeping exterior free from trip hazards found in other berms with exterior support systems.

Key Benefits

  • Portable, economical containment for drums, buckets, and leaky equipment
  • Single-piece construction – quick and easy setup – no assembly required
  • Durable EnGuard™V, Modified PVC coated fabric withstands long-term UV exposure – great for outdoor use
  • Inside wall supports allow berm placement virtually flush up against walls or equipment
  • Helps comply with EPA SPCC regulations
International Model No. 28524
Color Black
Material Specifications Modified PVC coated fabric
EPA Compliance Helps comply with EPA for containment and spill prevention (SPCC)
Gallon Capacity 1435
Liter Capacity 5432
Dimensions, Exterior 12″ H x 152″ W x 200″ L
305mm H x 3861mm W x 5080mm L
Dimensions, Interior 12″ H x 144″ W x 192″ L
305mm H x 3658mm W x 4877mm L
Dimensions, Folded 26″ W x 26″ L x 16″ H
660mm W x 660mm L x 406mm H
Net Weight, lbs 79.0
Net Weight, kg 35.8