Spill control neglect has serious consequences. Act now.

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Why should we look more closely into spill control neglect?

A busy HSE officer has many responsibilities meaning sufficient spill control practices are neglected. Incorrect spill management and spill prevention can have a number of consequences that affect not only your business but your employees and the environment.

Accidents & Injuries

Serious employee accidents and injuries

Irreversible damage

Death to wildlife and environmental damage

Bad publicity

Your will face bad publicity and large fines

Company losses

Loss in stakeholder confidence, time and money

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Our solution to spill management

We offer a complete spill management solution that will save you time, hassle and money. We have over 35 years of experience in spill management and spill prevention, allowing us to provide you with the most efficient and effective methods of spill control. We offer 2 simple site audit methods starting from an over the phone audit to an actual site visit. After the Audit has been completed, we put together a plan to ensure you meet all the necessary criteria.

Spill control experts

We can offer an onsite compliance review and site survey by our IEMA qualified spill control experts

Having the correct spill management and spill control in place gives you confidence so should you get a HSE or environmental inspection, you’ve got a documented system on site. Other benefits include, safety of your employees, no fines or bad media coverage and you save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money by having everything ready for when an emergency situation does arrive.

Book a site Audit


We visit your site and conduct a full onsite assessment. We’ll analyse and highlight any of the potential risk points apparent on site.


We report on and score key areas that pose a risk to workers or the environment. We advise solutions and associated costs.


We send out professionals to set everything up and implement the agreed solutions. Visit intervals will also be agreed.


You’ll receive a spill risk assessment report displaying the changes that have been made, and the issues that have been resolved.

Dedicated team and an agile service

Our experience in the spill control industry allows us to provide you with the best and most efficient methods of spill management, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant.

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    Industry experts

    How should you determine whether you need a site audit?

    • Is your spill control plan 100% compliant?
    • Have you analysed what your site runs off and which drains need extra spill prevention measures?
    • Are you using the correct storage and equipment for your liquids?
    • Has your equipment been correctly specified by an expert?

    IEMA Qualified

    Team of IEMA qualified experts with over 50 years experience

    ISO 14001

    We help you obtain and maintain your ISO 14001 compliance

    Industry Specialists

    We have over 35 years in the spill control industry


    all our assessments are carried out to environmental agency guidelines


    What do our customers have to say about us?

    Our site looks so much better. We are more than happy with the service you are providing, in fact, it’s been exceptional!

    Automotive Manufacturer

    Friendly staff, good communication. Can be trusted to move safely through high-risk areas. Very safety-conscious staff who provide good communication; a pleasure to deal with.

    Chemical manufacturer

    The bespoke spill management solution that Spillcraft came up with was excellent, including the training they gave us; I’d have no hesitation in recommending them…

    Aerospace Manufacturer

    Our frequently asked questions

    Remaining compliant can be challenging, that’s why we have a team full of experts ready to help you identify areas you may need to improve. We can also help you identify the correct training procedures and products you need for your company.

    Book a site audit

    What can we offer?

    – Site assessments
    – Detailed report and recommendations
    – Bespoke spill equipment
    – Bespoke signage
    – Training
    – Auditing
    – Usage analysis
    – Reporting
    – Review

    How will I maintain compliance after the site audit?

    We offer ongoing support to ensure you maintain your compliance

    Are phone audits beneficial?

    Yes, it is a quicker solution to highlighting issues with the existing procedures in place and the current products you use.

    Are spill "risk spots" generic across all sites?

    No, every site is different so it is important that you assess your risk spots based off your specific site set up.

    Do the liquids you store determine the spill kits you need?

    Yes, different liquids will need different absorbents and storage methods. We can help you identify the correct methods through site audits.

    What should I prepare for a visit?

    – Gather up current certifications
    – Demonstrate your current spill management procedures
    – Show us a site map, showing your proximity to water sources and drains
    – Prepare a rough inventory of current spill equipment
    – Book some time in with your Health and Safety and Environmental Officer and those who are trained to use your equipment
    – Make a list of your current priorities and objectives

    Specialists in the spill industry

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