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Spill kits

Spill control items and spill absorbents assist you in keeping your work environment and workers safe from any possible accident that results from drips, leaks, and spills. Spillcraft are a leading spill kit manufacturer in the UK and are able to to provide you with various emergency spill response kits to assist you in dealing with different types of emergency spills.

If you store, handle, or transport liquids, it is vital that you have a proper response process in place to manage spills. Poor management of a spill can lead to many health, environmental, and financial consequences. A spill kit contains essential components for managing a spill, so you can ensure you have the right equipment needed to control drips, leaks, or spillages. Spillcraft can help with full spill kits, spill kit refills, audits for spill kits as well as training for your staff on how to effectively use a spill kit. Our team are on hand to guide you through how to stay compliant.

What is a Spill Kit?

Spill kits are a cost-effective solution to protecting your employees, workplace, customers and the environment from unexpected spills. We recommend you think of a spill kit much like a fire extinguisher for spill control. It is there for emergencies if you need it and should always be re-stocked in case of future incidents.

Spill kits are available in a range of sizes, from smaller grab bags suitable for small spillages, to wheelie bin spill kits, which contain more absorbents capable of absorbing upto 360ltrs. For larger sites we also have a larger wheeled spill kit capable of absorbing around 1000ltrs. Whatever your site needs, here at Spillcraft we pride ourselves on helping our customers with their own bespoke requirements, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss any options available to you.

As well as different sizes you will also need to consider what liquids you need your spill kit to absorb and the situations that may occur.

Industry Standard Colours for Absorbents

Spill kits are colour coded to industry standard colours, to help you ensure you have the correct type of absorbent. The most common types of spill kits include:

  •       General or Maintenance spill kits – used for cleaning up non-aggressive or non-hazardous liquid spills. These contain grey coloured absorbents.
  •       Oil and Fuel spill kits – used for the clean up of oil-based liquids. The absorbents in this kit are white and made from hydrophobic fibres which means they repel water, making them highly effective on oil, and not suitable for water-based liquids.
  •       Chemical spill kits – used for cleaning up aggressive or hazardous substances. Yellow absorbents are used for chemicals and hazardous liquids.

When would I need a spill kit?

Spills can have a devastating impact if they are not dealt with efficiently, so it is important that you are well prepared for them. Spills can occur while using, storing, or transporting liquids so it is important to do a thorough risk assessment of your site to ensure you are prepared for any spills at any time. By having the understanding and equipment to manage spills effectively ensures you can resolve any spills quickly to avoid escalation into a serious incident.

Often referred to as emergency spill kits, spill kits should only be used to clean up accidental spills. If you encounter regular spills or process leaks, a spill station would be recommended for your business.

Spill kits should be located near potential spill hazards, and you should make sure you have the correct type of spill kit to effectively absorb and clean the liquid that has spilled. If you encounter a spill and decide to use your spill kit but the spillage becomes too complex or enters the waterways you must alert the relevant authorities and ask for expert help. If you do need to use your spill kit, ensure it is refilled quickly to ensure you are prepared to tackle any future incidents.

What is included in a spill kit?

Your spill kit contents depends on your industry and liquids you come into contact with. You need to ensure your spill kit is compatible with the liquids you are using. Please remember oil (white) absorbents will repel water so are ideal for clearing spills on bodies of water, but would not be suitable for a water based spill.

A typical spill kit should contain:

  • A wheelie bin or other type of waterproof wheeled container: Your spill bin needs to be clearly labelled, and easily accessible in case of emergency. Your bin must always contain a full supply of the rest of your spill kit contents and be regularly audited and tagged.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): This should be appropriate for the potential spill and may include items such as coveralls, gloves, and googles. PPE should be on top of other products within the spill kit to ensure you have easy access to it and can utilise it quickly, to protect yourself before attempting to clean the spill.
  • Disposal bags and ties: when you have absorbed the spill, you should collect the used absorbent products in disposal bags. The disposable bags should be suitably tied and labelled and disposed of carefully, within guidelines.
  • Absorbent socks: these are flexible tubes made from absorbent material that you should put on the ground, down flow of the spill, to contain it. Be sure your absorbent socks are compatible with the substances you are using.
  • Absorbent pillows/cushions: highly absorbent, for a quick and efficient clean-up of spills. Their flexible material makes them ideal for catching drips and run-offs in tight of awkward spaces.
  • Absorbent pads/mats: placing absorbent pads over the body of the spill will help to soak up the excess liquid.

Additional items can be purchased as part of your spill control plan, such as drain protection as well as plugging or sealing compound. These are important to prevent the spill from reaching any areas that could spread the liquid and escalate the incident further.   These are recommended to be stored in a weatherproof wall mounted holder near to your drains, for quick deployment.

You can also add additional items to your kits if you need additional PPE, or any specific requirements for your business, we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

What are the benefits to having a spill kit?

  • Effective Value: Here at Spillcraft, we are ready to provide you with a spill control kits made of quality and tested absorbent material that can absorb different types of liquids including chemicals effectively.
  • Ability to contain the problem: Our wide range of absorbent materials including chemical absorbent socks can reduce the spread of leaks.
  • Environmental protection: We will help you to choose a spill containment kit to clean up a wide range of liquids including alkalis and acids, preventing further environmental hazards.

Are your staff trained to deal with a spill incident?

We offer a range of training courses designed to improve your response to incidents and emergencies. From basic, intermediate and professional spill response training, to bespoke sessions with a spill simulation.

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Spill Kit Frequently Asked Questions

I have small spills on a regular basis: do I need a spill kit?

If spills are a regular occurrence that cannot be avoided, we would recommend a spill station rather than a spill kit. Spill kits should only be opened in an emergency and stock should be replenished after the incident has been dealt with. If you regularly use spill kits for small spills, when a larger spill occurs, there could be an insufficient number of absorbents left to effectively deal with the spill.

How big does a spill kit need to be?

A question that comes up a lot from customers looking for spill kits is what capacity a spill kit needs to have in proportion to the container(s) it is designed to cover. We can offer site audits to help you understand the risks of spills in your workplace and propose the level of spill control equipment required.

For an area with multiple small containers of 25 litres or less it is typically recommended a 50 litre grab bag or a more robust 120 litre wheelie bin.

In situations where you could be dealing with a mass release of 1000s of litres, it would be essential to contain the spill. The spill kit would need to be able to cover the drains and contain the liquid. You would then have a substantial quantity of liquid retained on the surface which would be easier to recover in bulk via a pump or tanker. Once the majority has been removed you can utilise the absorbents to clean up any remaining liquid.

Why are there different types of Spill Kit?

Spill kits vary in several ways and come in many sizes depending on how much equipment is needed. Spill absorbents are also colour coded to ensure you have the correct type of absorbent for the liquids used, so there are lots of things to consider when looking for a suitable spill control solution.

Items included in the spill kit may vary depending on the environment and extra items such as additional PPE can be added to the kit if needed. Different size spill kits are available depending on the area you need to protect and the requirement and risk of spills you face.

How do I use a spill kit?

Spill kits should be kept in a clear and well signposted location, which can be easily accessed in an emergency. You should ensure there is a procedure in place should a spill occur and ensure the contents of the spill kit are explained to those who may need to deploy it, as well as the disposal process.

Here at Spillcraft we can help you with spill control training to ensure your staff are fully equipped should an emergency arise. We have various courses available which can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Our team at Spillcraft have extensive knowledge and experience of spill kits and are on hand to answer any questions you may have before finding the most suitable spill kit for your company. We want to help ensure your business remains safe and compliant in the event of a spill.

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Struggling to find the correct spill kit to fit your requirements?

Spillcraft have developed Site visits designed to aid you in selecting the correct spill management equipment, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant. By conducting a site visit we can assess your situation and make sure you are using the correct equipment for your liquids and environment. We also make sure the equipment you use keeps you compliant with all relevant regulations.
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Why should you choose Spillcraft?

Spillcraft is one of the leading spill kit suppliers in the UK. We work with the leading spill control equipment manufacturers in the UK to provide you with various emergency response spill kits that can handle different types of emergency spills. Spillcraft has a highly-skilled and competent team of experts to help you identify the types of liquids commonly utilised in your facility and help you to choose the ideal spill control products

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