Spill Kits

Oil and fuel spill kits

What are Spill Kits?

Spill control items and absorbents assist you in keeping your work environment and workers safe from any possible accident that results from drips, leaks, and spills. Spill Craft are a  leading spill kit manufacturer in the UK and are able to to provide you with various emergency spill response kits to assist you in dealing with different types of emergency spills.

Spill Kit benefits?

  • Effective Value: Here at Spill Craft, we are ready to provide you with a spill control kits made of quality and tested absorbent material that can absorb different types of chemicals effectively
  • Ability to contain the problem: Our wide range of chemical absorbent materials including chemical absorbent socks can reduce the spread of leaked chemicals.
  • Environmental protection: We will help you to choose a spill containment kit to clean up a wide range of chemical products including alkalis and acids, preventing further environmental hazards.

Why Spillcraft?

Spill Craft is one of the leading spill kit suppliers in the UK.  We work with the leading spill control equipment manufacturers in the UK to provide you with various emergency response kits that can handle different types of emergency spills. Spill Craft has a highly-skilled and competent team of experts to help you identify the types of liquids commonly utilised in your facility and help you to choose the ideal spill control products

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Chemical spill kit


  • Absorbs up to 1100 Litres
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labeling available

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Oil Spill kit


  • Absorbs up to 360 Litres
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labeling available

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chemical spill kit


  • Absorbs up to 500 Litres
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Bespoke labeling available

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Spill Station


  • Custom branding
  • Increased efficiency
  • Safer working environment

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What questions should you ask yourself when choosing a spill kit?

What types of Liquid will your spill kit absorb?

Chemical Spill Kits: Handles corrosive liquid spills and also helps spill teams responding to unknown spills.
Oil Spill Kits: Handles oil-based liquid spills only. They are usually utilised for the cleanup of oil-based spills in rain, or oil on water.
Universal Oil Spills: Handles the spills of coolants, oils and other non-corrosive or water-based liquids.

Do you require a container or cabinet for your spill kit?

You have to follow the established UK rules and regulations while selecting your spill control kits and the type of containers you need. Most of the kits offered by Spill Craft have refills available, so we are ready to assist you to restock your old spill kit in a swift and cost-effective manner. If you already have a container that can safely hold your spill control equipment, you do not need to purchase another container.

emergency spill kit caution sign
spill substance being used on a road

Why do you need PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Different types of liquids can cause spills. Spill control equipment also comes in different sizes and shapes. Based on the above factors, we also include PPE in our spill response kits. Using a kit that incorporates the wrong gloves or gloves of the wrong size will make the spill response process more stressful and at times dangerous. Here at Spill Craft, we offer spill kits that allow you to add your ideal PPE.

Why do you need to estimate the volume of the expected largest spill?

We work with the leading spill kit manufacturers and we have a team of specialists to advise you. Always try to estimate the biggest amount of liquid that could be spilled from each holding tank or a single container. If you store your liquids in a drum, you need to have a spill containment kit that can help you to handle 30 to 55 gallons. You can use your spill control kits along with drain covers and non-absorbent dikes to assist in channeling and containing the liquids so that they can be later be recovered using pumps and vacuums


We offer a range of training courses designed to improve your response to incidents and emergencies. From basic, intermediate and professional spill response training, to bespoke sessions with a spill simulation.

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