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Spill Mapping

In the event of a spill incident or fire, it is highly likely that the polluted run-off water will enter the drainage system and cause pollution. This act of pollution is a crime and the damage caused may result in a prosecution as well as remediation costs – often known as “The Polluter Pays”.


Spill mapping enables you to accurately assess exactly what route liquids will take and thus enabling you to put containment equipment in the correct place.

  • Spill mapping is an evidence based risk assessment of  pollution containment and provides you with a 24 hour animation of the event.
  • Most pollution incidents occur outside the bunded area i.e tanker hose failure, punctured IBCs, fire fighting activity etc.. the liquids from these incidents will enter the surface water drains leading to off site receptors such as rivers, ponds etc.
  • Spill mapping identifies the above ground pollution pathways which can then be contained using simple low cost solutions

SPILL MAPPING always uses the CIRIA736 and its BAT to set a base line to run a pollution model. We take a detailed topography and drainage model of your site to produce an accurate site plan and then replicate a disaster and the potential liquid flow off your site. This animation will show the breakout points and time lines. Once you have a baseline model you can add in pollution containment valves and barriers. These devices will change the pathways. Incorrectly positioned or specified drainage closure devices are the most common fault we find at sites.

The spill mapping service allows our customers to evidence the risk allowing them to present to the business the challenges. Amazingly most sites that utilise this service reduce costs by over 50% on current spill prevention methods.

Before committing to any major expense with interceptors, bunding or drainage works, contact our sales office to arrange a site visit to discuss your challenges in more detail. Spill mapping has saved some companies hundreds of thousands of pounds!