Spill Pallets

Chemical storage container

What are Spill Pallets?

Spill Pallets are designed to capture and retain spilled content after a leak or any other spillage event. A Spill containment pallet should be used in areas storing chemicals, especially in areas housing toxic or flammable liquids, hazardous substances, and other dangerous chemicals

Why do you need a Spill pallet?

With Anti Spill pallets, potentially dangerous substances are contained, giving you a more open and safer working environment,  A Spill containment pallet is designed to safeguard the surrounding area against potential oil or chemical spillages that may adversely affect the environment.

Bunded chemical storage container benefits?

  • Flexibility: Spill Pallets are easy to transport to another site based on the special needs of the user
  • Safer working Environment: potentially dangerous substances are contained, giving you a more open and safer working environment,
  • Protecting the Environment:  Bunded chemical storage containers are usually designed to safeguard the surrounding area against potential oil or chemical spillages.

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Spill Pallet with steel housing


  • Lockable doors
  • FLT Pockets
  • 1100Ltr sump
  • Chemical resistant

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Bunded spill pallet


  • Fork pockets
  • Removable decking
  • 4 way FLT entry
  • 1150L sump

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Spill pallet with dispenser demonstration


  • Integral Dispenser
  • FLT Pockets
  • 1100Ltr sump
  • Chemical resistant

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Single spill pallet


  • For 1x IBC
  • FLT pockets
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • 1100Ltr sump

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What should you consider when buying a Spill Pallet?

What are the UK legislative specifications concerning bunded storage solutions?

In the UK, the authorities require each bunded spill pallet to pass a “Bunded Integrity Test” every 36 months. Spill containment pallets are required to have exceptional ability to contain chemical spills.

What materials make quality chemical bunds?

In most cases, Spill Pallets are made of steel or molded plastic structures. Here at Spill Craft, we stock superior plastic chemical bund solutions made from LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene. LDPE is also used to make IBCs, chemical containers and chemical drums. Steel bunds are recommended for chemicals that are not corrosive. Corrosive chemicals require a plastic bund liner or a plastic bund that contains a sealable lid.

Chemical storage caution sign
3 drums on a spill pallet

Why do you need to use pallet bunds or IBC bunds?

Sorting your drums or IBCs on chemical bunded container solutions makes sure that incidental leaks or major spills are contained as soon as possible. A chemical bund protects customers, workers, the workplace and the environment from accidental contact with any hazardous materials stored in bunded storage containers

What should you consider when choosing the size?

The recommended Spill Pallets should have the capacity to hold approximately 110% of the optimal holding capacity of the contents being store. The extra space allows additional foam during emergency response. For chemical stores with various drums or container stored, the recommended bund capacity is 110% of the largest container volume. Separate bunds are also recommended for incompatible substances.

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