SPILL TRAINING COURSES Are your staff fully equipped to deal with a spill incident? If they aren't there could be serious consequences.

Serious & Fatal injuries

Your employees can suffer serious or even fatal injuries

Irreversible damage

You can seriously damage the wildlife and environment

Company prosecution

Your company will face large fines or even prosecution

Bad publicity

You can end up with a damaging reputation that affects your growth


How can Spillcraft help you avoid suffering serious consequences from incorrect spill training and lack of spill control?

We’ve established that spill training in accordance with legislation is vital. That’s why we’ve put together a number of different effective spill training courses. Ensuring your employees remain engaged and absorbed with relevant examples resulting in them actively developing in the correct spill control knowledge to benefit your business.

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We understand that environmental policy law can be complicated, but through training programmes led by industry professionals, your employees can:

  • Locate and select the correct spill control equipment
  • Know how to tackle the chemical spills they may face
  • Be alert to avoid any serious spill control neglect consequences
  • Confidently respond to any incident

Not sure on what training your company needs?

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Toolbox talk training course

Delegates will learn how to deal with a spill incident and how to use the contents of a spill kit

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Toolbox talk with simulation

Understanding the procedures of handling an incident with spill equipment using water simulation

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Environmental awareness

Assists companies in meeting the needs of ISO14001 accreditation and legislation compliance

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Bespoke training with simulation

Complete spill response training course designed to combat your company’s problematic areas

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Spill control specialists

How can you prevent chemical spills and protect the environment?

We advise that you provide your staff with all the necessary spill training courses and all the essential spill control equipment. Well-maintained and easily accessible spill kits are vital to keep onsite as chemical spills can cause serious harm to your employees and the environment. Having trained staff means the spill equipment will be utilised correctly and any accidental spill can easily be contained without any serious damage.

Our Frequently asked questions

Selecting the correct training course can be quite difficult, that’s why we have a dedicated team of experts ready to advise you on the right course for your employees. We also offer bespoke services allowing us to cater training courses to your specific needs.

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What damage can asbestos cause?

Chemicals containing asbestos can increase the risk of cancer

What damage can Sulfur cause?

Chemicals containing Sulfur can damage marine population

What can Benzene cause?

Chemicals containing Benzene can cause harmful effects to bone marrow and also increase the risks of cancer

How do I identify potential danger zones?

We offer a complete site audit service allowing us to highlight danger zones and gaps in both knowledge and training.

What can chemicals leaking into the environment cause?

Chemical spills have devastating consequences for many types of pollution, causing ecosystem damage and risks to human health. Chemical spills can easily get out of hand if not managed properly, particularly if they enter waterways.

What can neglected spill control lead to?

As well as serious environmental consequences, the legal implications for your business can also be severe if you lose control of a spill.

Dedicated team and an agile service

Our experience in the spill control industry allows us to provide you with the best and most efficient methods of spill management, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant.

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