Spill Response Training - Haz Chem Course

What is the Professional Spill Response course?

Made up of two distinct parts and covering spills of both hydrocarbons and hazardous chemicals, Spill Response Haz Chem combines classroom theory with live practical. The course includes a practice incident scenario designed to reinforce the lessons learned in theory which is scored and assessed by our experienced trainers.


This is an in-depth course and looks closely into the theory of Command & Control, Integration of Contingency Plans and the Leadership Dynamic. Elements such as pre planning, preparation and building due diligence are also covered as well as Chemical Hazard Awareness.


Delegates will be taken through an Incident Time Line from Invocation to Stand Down including topics on Scene Safety, Dynamic Risk Assessment and The Incident Log. Delegates will also cover the basics of using their existing spill response inventory and be given advice, if required, on any gaps that exist. As a part of the section on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), delegates will be expected to demonstrate competence in its deployment and use.

Course notes/workbooks are provided. For certification, there is a short 20 question multiple choice test.


A program of distinct elements, including practical desk top exercises, based on and featuring several case studies and example documents.


All delegates taking part in the practical exercise must be provided with PPE relevant for the incidents which are likely to occur on site.


Delegates will be provided with worksheets but should bring their own writing materials Equipment used for spill scenarios will be the spill kit inventory on site, unless pre‐arranged for us to supply.

Who should attend

  • All Senior Managers responsible for spill contingency planning
  • Spill Team Leaders and members of the Spill Team

Benefits to your business

  • Improved response to Incidents and Emergencies
  • Improved Business Resilience
  • Spill Contingency Plan correctly conceived and integrated
  • Correct use and selection of spill response products
  • Integration of health, safety and environmental systems
  • Integration of your First Aid Response

Where is the course located?

We come to you onsite.

Equipment and Room requirements

  • Data Projector
  • Video
  • Blackboard or Chalkboard
  • Conference Table & Chairs

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the different hazards posed by spill incidents
  • Understand the agreed on site invocation process
  • Understand how to implement the SCENE Safety Process
  • Understand what their initial response to an incident should be and apply the ICEE principle
  • Understand the differences between Incidents and Emergencies
  • Understand the contents of your on‐site spill kit and how to use it
  • Apply the principles of Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Understand what PPE is required for handling the likely spills on site
  • Apply an appropriate first response to spills on site
  • Understand the links between spill response and management systems
  • Recognise sensitive sites and potential hazards on your site

Course Topics

  • Chemicals – Hazardous properties, COSHH and Risk Assessment
  • Site Incident Control Plan & Documentation Review
  • Site Environmental Protection Policy
  • Raising the Alarm: Triggers, Escalation Procedures.
  • Dealing with External Agencies
  • Business Impact Assessment, Crisis Management
  • Practical Review and use of your Spill Response Inventory. ( using your onsite spill kit)
  • Personal Protective and Respiratory Equipment (RA, RPPE,)
  • Analysis of the Sensitive Areas on Your Site.
  • Handling Hazardous Spills
  • Cause, Fate (Sensitive Receptors), Do’s & Don’ts, Containment & Recovery, Waste Procedures
  • Oils and Chemicals – Characteristics, Movement, Storage and Disposal requirements.
  • First Response Objectives ‐ ICE Objectives
  • 20 Question Multiple Choice Test

Practical Exercise

  • Incident Scenario will be discussed and set up with the client prior to the course commencing.
  • Suitable hard standing in a low traffic area
  • Each delegate taking part in this exercise should have his own set of PPE which is dedicated for use in spill response.
  • PPE supplied should be appropriate for the onsite chemical inventory that delegates are likely to encounter.


Maximum of 10 delegates


  • Additional delegates, up to a maximum of 20, will be at a reduced rate of £105.00 per delegate.
  • Overnight allowance if required is £150.00
  • Mileage is charged at £0.55 / mile
  • Certification is provided upon successful completion


There is a minimum pass mark required for delegates sitting the course test and delegates must take part in the live exercise scenario which is a part of the course.

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