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As a result, a series of EU and UK legislation has been developed to combat water pollution. For any UK business operating in this field, compliance with this legislation is a legal necessity. Professional staff training in the necessary legislation is important for two reasons: it will help ensure your operations are safe and legal, while also reducing the environmental and polluting impact of your business through knowledge of the correct prevention and clean up of any spills.


By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what their initial response to an incident should be
  • Understand the contents of your onsite spill kits and how to it should be used

Course Topics

  • Fines associated with pollution
  • Effects of a pollution incident
  • Controlled Waterways
  • Different absorbent types and colours
  • Spill response procedures
  • Disposal and replenishment

Who should attend

  • Members of the designated spill team
  • Staff who may use your spill response inventory
  • Spill Team Leaders

Benefits to your business

  • Improved awareness of the hazards associated with spill incidents
  • Correct use and selection of spill response product

Where is the course located?

We come to you onsite.


Courses are limited to 10 delegates per session. Extra delegates can be added upon request.

1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions


4 Sessions


5 Sessions



– Overnight allowance if required is £150.00
– Mileage is charged at £0.55 / mile
– Certification is provided upon successful completion
– Max 5 Sessions per day
– Duration 45 minutes per session

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Friendly staff, good communication. Can be trusted to move safely through high-risk areas. Very safety-conscious staff who provide good communication; a pleasure to deal with

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The bespoke spill management solution that Spillcraft came up with was excellent, including the training they gave us; I’d have no hesitation in recommending them…

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