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FloodSax Cushions 5 Pack


  • Quick and easy to use
  • 5 in a Pack, 20 in a box
  • Minimise exposure to slips for customers and staff
  • Not only for floods
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FloodSax are a ideal for any emergency – not just for floods. Stops water in its tracks!

Floodsax are designed to limit flood damage, and provide a highly effective alternative to sandbags to create a barrier in order to protect your business or home. In packs of 5 they can be activated by placing in water for a few minutes, in which they expand. They can then be overlapped and used to build a barrier/wall which is highly effective at preventing flowing water from entering your business. If used unsaturated, they will also absorb some liquid.

Facility Managers / Building owners

  • Storms/flood mitigation
  • Broken pipes/storm water overflow
  • Faulty sprinkler system leaks
  • Kitchen/bathroom spills and leaks
  • Persistent plumbing leaks
  • Contain cascading water flow from multi storey and high rise buildings
  • Minimise exposure to slips for customers and staff
  • Assist as a risk mitigation component of your safety management system

Additional information

Pack Quantity

4 x 5 Packs (20)

Box Quantity


Dimensions (mm)

L 490, W 400