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We offer a range of training courses designed to improve your response to incidents and emergencies. From basic, intermediate and haz chem spill response training, to bespoke sessions with a spill simulation. We help create and implement emergency spill procedures for you.

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Free Onsite Spill Control Assessment

If you operate in any sort of industry where there is a risk of chemical or oil spillage, you need to have a spill control solution in place. Our advisors will visit your site and provide a free report on what you need to be compliant.

Although we ‘d love for you to purchase any solutions from us, our service is free and you are under no obligation to purchase from us.

Who needs spill control

Any company who stores, handles or manufacturers liquid must have spill equipment in place to deal with any potential spillage. If you are unsure about what equipment is right for you simply contact our sales team on 01606 352 679 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Who are we and what do we do?

We’re a specialist spill control provider helping manufacturing companies to protect their people and their environment. We do this by assessing your requirements, providing the right equipment, training your operators, managing your inventory and reporting. Speak to our sales team on 01606 352 679 to discuss how we can help you.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are site Managers working in industries ranging from aerospace through to waste management. As part of their role managers are always looking for ways to improve Health, Safety and efficiency in the workplace and environment – our solutions introduce new and innovative ways to effectively protect your people and your environment.

Why choose Spillcraft ?

As industry experts Spillcraft will transform your spill management from a “must have” commodity product to a well managed, corporate system that will ensure you pass any audit with flying colours. As with any solutions, cost must never be the deciding factor in any purchasing decision. Speak to our sales advisors to ensure that whatever you purchase is going to give you hassle free service for years to come.

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