Spill-Aid is a groundbreaking innovation in the market of loose absorbents. The fine powder addresses all of the problems that people face with conventional alternatives. 

What is Spill-Aid?

A fine, loose absorbent powder, designed to be highly effective on a wide variety of liquids. Spill-Aid is very lightweight, whilst maintaining high absorbency. A unique innovation in spill absorbents, Spill-Aid has been designed to overcome barriers that customers face with a standard spill granule. 

Derived from a naturally occurring substance, Spill-Aid is manufactured and packaged in the UK. 

What does Spill-Aid do?

Spill-Aid absorbs liquid spills in a very efficient manner, with little to no training required for the user.  It has the ability to cancel odours and extract germs from soft surfaces such as carpets, whilst also ensuring that infectious diseases cannot be passed on to those near the spill such as vomit.  Once the spill is cleaned, it leaves the surface clean and dry. 

How can Spill-Aid be used?

Spill-Aid powder is so versatile it can be used on any size spill, of virtually any fluid, from industry spills or small spills in your home. It is effective on any floor surface any easy to clean away. Suitable for hazardous chemicals, industrial oils to household spills such as egg and honey the opportunities are endless. 

Why is Spill-aid so good?

Highly absorbent - absorbing up to 7 times its own weight (depending on viscosity)

Lightweight - making it easy to manoeuvre to a spill incident. It is also cheaper to dispose of once a spill has been absorbed, than a standard granule or other loose absorbent.

Safe to use around humans and pets.

The only exception of Spill-Aid is it is not suitable for use on hydrofluoric acid.

Some customers have provided comments that due to the lightweight nature of the product it can be dusty when using outside. We have taken this feedback on board and adjusted the composition of the powder to overcome this issue.  


What sizes of Spill-Aid are available?

Spill-Aid is available in 5ltr re-sealable pouches and 30ltr sacks.

The 5 litre re-sealable Spill-Aid pouches are ideal if only a small amount of Spill-Aid is required. Simply sprinkle over the spill, as required and re-seal the bag for later use. 

The 30ltr sack of Spill-Aid is designed for larger spills. Some large spills may require more than one sack of Spill-Aid, depending on the quantity of liquid spilt. 

How to use Spill-Aid

Spill-Aid is simple to use, with minimum equipment required. Watch our how-to guide to see how easy it is to use.

Simply sprinkle around a spill to contain the flow. Sprinkle a layer of Spill-Aid over the top of the fluid. Using a stiff bristled brush or broom, work the spill-aid powder into the spill, absorbing the fluid. Spill-Aid absorbs quickly, depending on the size of the spill, you can clean up a spill in minutes. Sweep up the used spill-aid and dispose in a hazardous waste bag. 

If required, you can then sprinkle a further thin layer of Spill-Aid over the area and sweep away, leaving the area clean, dry and slip free.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please feel free to call the team on 01606 352 679 or complete our contact form and we would be happy to help you.