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Spill Kits

Spill kits are an emergency response to any spill and should be easily accessible should a spill or leak incident occur. Providing all the equipment you need to manage a spill, available for general liquids, hazardous chemicals, oil & fuels and other fluids.

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Are you prepared for leaks or spills on site? Spill kits are an emergency response for unexpected spills, much like a fire extinguisher. Available in a wide range of sizes for different liquids and scenarious, our spill kits are colour coded to industry standard colours, to help you ensure you have the correct type of absorbent and kit on hand. Our range includes spill kits in a variety of sizes, for general spills, oil and fuel spills and hazardous chemical spills.

We understand managing a spill emergency can be stressful if you are unsure how to respond. We offer full training on the correct use of spill kits as well as some helpful guidance including our 8-step spill response displayed inside the spill kits, to guide and support your workforce, through successful spill control.

We also provide a range of specialised spill kits including paint spill kit, body fluid spill kits, mercury spill kits and more.  Having a spill kit on site for emergencies is essential, however it is crucial you and your teams understand how to respond to a spill emergency and how to deploy the spill kit effectively. We provide spill response training to ensure you are prepared for spill incidents and emergencies, empowering your teams to be in control, keeping colleagues safe and protecting the environment. If you need any assistance understanding your business needs, the spill kits required for your industry, or to discuss training options, please contact our team on 01606 352 679 

Read our Spill Kit Resource Page for a full guide of understanding what type of spill kit you need and why its important to be prepared