Spill Kits

Emergency spill kits contain everything you need for containing and controlling spills in the workplace. Our spill kits provide equipment to manage general maintenance, oil or hazardous chemical spills quickly and effectively. Protect people and the environment with our range of quality spill kits

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Spill kits are designed as an emergency response for unexpected spills in the workplace. Available for general spills, hazardous chemical spills, oil spills, plus many more. Spill Kits contain equipment to contain and manage a spill, protecting people and the environment from harm.

Spill kits are available in a wide range of sizes for different liquids and scenarios. Spill kits are colour coded to industry standard colours, to help you ensure you have the correct type of absorbent and kit on hand, in an emergency.

Generally there are 3 types of spill kits available:

  • General purpose spill kits, also known as maintainence spill kits - these contain grey general purpose absorbents for non aggressive spills such as coolants, oils and water based liquids.
  • Oil spill kits, these contain white hydrophobic absorbents which are suitable for oils and fuels as they are made from hydrophobic fibres which will absorb viscous oils and repel water. This makes oil spill kits highly effective absorbing oil spills which may have mixed with water. 
  • Chemical spill kits. Containing highly visible yellow absorbents these kits are suitable for hazardous and aggressive liquids. Effecive on a range of chemicals and harmful liquids the brightly coloured absorbents raise awareness of a hazard even after a spill has been cleaned away. 

Our range includes spill kits in a variety of sizes, from small 25ltr grab bags to large 1000ltr spill kits. 

Why do I need emergency spill kits?

Spills and leaks can cause a variety of risks to people and the environment so must be managed quickly and effectively to prevent harm. Any liquid spill can cause a risk, even water could cause a slip risk to people, or may damage your builing or assets on site. Chemicals, oils and any harmful liquid could result in pollution so any spill must be managed quickly. Industries with fluids may have spill stations located around the site for easy access to absorbents for day to day leaks and drips but emergency spill kits should be available in stategic locations should a spill incident occur. 

Do you know how to use a spill kit?

Managing a spill emergency can be stressful, if you are unsure how to respond. We recommend training spill responders how to manage a spill emergency so they are prepared. Knowing the contents of a spill kit and the correct application of PPE, socks and mats provides a more efficient response. We can provide spill response training to your team with one of our 3 courses available. All of our courses provide helpful guidance on why spill control is important and the process you should follow. We understand how important it is for businesses to remain compliant to protect people and the environment so our 8-step spill response is displayed inside our spill kits, to guide and support your workforce, through successful spill control.

Our range also includes a selection of specialised spill kits including paint spill kit, body fluid spill kits, mercury spill kits and more. 


How can we help with your spill kits?

If you need any assistance understanding your business needs, the spill kits required for your industry, or to discuss training options, please contact our team on 01606 352 679 

Read our Spill Kit Resource Page for a full guide of understanding what type of spill kit you need and why its important to be prepared.

You may also find our spill compliance review helpful, you can find out in under 4 minutes if your current spill control procedures are sufficient and guidance on how to make improvements if required.